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2015-01-02 -
What is the Daily Dose ?

The Daily Dose is my New Format for Sharing Information. I needed a Content Management System that could do anything I needed, build any kind of site I want. I figured why not make it available for others that want a place to build content to share. With the Daily Dose, I have taken what I built for myself and made it available to the public. I use this content management system for all different types of websites.

Free members get a taste of building content and sharing quality content and pro members get to build permanent, static HTML content that they can share whenever they need to. In this fast paced world of timelines so stuffed with items that your posts go by so fast, you need a static place that allows you to share the same information at a different time.

We allow only 100% English content and every entry is hand checked prior to approval so your quality content is never mixed with any junk content. Much better than the free services out there that allow so many junk sites there is no way quality is involved. We don't use ads that carry malware, spyware or viruses nor ads that crash your viewer's browser. Build your quality content and share it your way.

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2014-12-28 -
The Daily Dose Launch

January 1st, 2015 The Daily Dose Officially Opens for Your Quality Content so get ready for a good time easily building and sharing all the quality content you want to. Build Your Quality Content and Share It Your Way ! We have a brand new TLD from Namecheap when the .website domains came out, we grabbed it. We are getting our dedicated server from Just Host and for the last couple of years since moving to just host, we have had the best support we have ever had in our 10 year building websites for ourselves and others.

We will be launching across social media as the new year rolls in and Daily Dose will be how I share all my info across my social feeds. I am testing out the whole system again and again and watching my results in the search engines. This is where you will find the latest news and updates on the Daily Dose service. This is a new content building and sharing format and you are not going to be able to build a site like this on ANY other CMS.

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