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The Closing of TES 2.1 Sales, NWT Traffic Exchanges and Networks
All NWT Owned Traffic Exchanges are now Closed. We thank the members for 11 years of loyalty. It has been a long road but due to the death of the traffic exchange mod, the intellectual property theft and scams of the company that wrote it and the compulsive lying thief that ran that company into the ground, the te mod it is no longer a part of NWT Websites Software. The Mod will not be sold in the NWT Owned CMS system. All subscriptions have been cancelled as of 3/13/2015 all traffic exchanges and networks ceased to function.

We are saddened at losing the members and again, we are sorry that the closing of the only honest real number traffic exchanges means only the scam sites are left, we know how many exchanges out there are nothing but scams, cheating members making credits disappear by using rotators, surfing hundreds of accounts themselves, never cleaning their databases so they can claim fake made up membership numbers.

Remember, you only need the credits because you are a member of their site, credits are like air to TE owners, free to them and once you buy them, they make them go away fast however they can to make you buy more. Use your stats programs, they are ripping you off and hurting your rankings because they pay people in other countries pennies to burn up credits you spent dollars for. The hits are worthless and your money is gone. Be smart and do not waste money at ANY traffic exchanges.

This is my personal site on my own software and content sites make a lot more than exchanges. We are only doing highly targeted niche sites on our own software because we designed the software for that before the intellectual property thief embedded his traffic exchange mod in it by tricking me over a decade ago. I should have sued then. I am retired and do things in my own time now but this is a permanent reminder to the intellectual property thief and his minions that no matter what you say, I can prove the Skeleton CMS is MY Intellectual Property, push me and it will cost you a bunch of MONEY !

To all of our friends in the Traffic Exchange industry, I am truly sorry. The content side of the business paid the server for all the traffic exchanges so it only made sense to go to a smaller server and kill the TE side and instantly be in profit again, not a choice for most people stuck on that dead te mod in our software. We could no longer sell the TE mod since the moron and his minions killed it but we will be selling our CMS Sites.

The ones we have sold for businesses are what pay the server and we had no warning the idiot was going to write in hundreds of bugs on purpose to kill the te mod and try and steal the CMS for their own business and cut us out as a reseller. I stuck around to make sure that never happened and after their business died from stupidity, I was stuck with software and sites we invested in to help build his software business. I now have my CMS, other people are removing the embedded TE mod and we are having our local business sign up added like we always wanted. We are done with ANY TE work.

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 Date Created: 2015-03-12
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Started working at age 11 and am now retired. Worked in the steel, retail, construction and manufacturing sectors.

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